Enhancing Web Development

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Hire Professional Web Developers

Professional Web Developers

Hire the geeks who code these cool plugins and design these daring templates. Stick with today's standards and satisfy the broadest range of visitors. We would manage your website freely for up to 6 months and even teach you how to take over with sleek content management systems you'd bet you were a pro!
Plugins for Wordpress, jQuery and JavaScript

Web Building Plugins

Our Wordpress, jQuery and JavaScript plugins are all free and open-source. They are also easy to understand and to integrate into any code. Just a few lines of code to enhance the beauty and functionality of your website or blog.

Web Design Templates

We keep apace with fast-changing web standards by designing our templates with HTML5 markup which gracefully degrade. Blogvisa has easily-customizable HTML5 and Wordpress templates enhanced with CSS3 beauty and highly commented JavaScript code, where its use is necessary.

Web Development Tutorials

The tutorials we write span across several levels of web development mastery. A beginning front-end web designer or a more advanced web deveolper should find one or more topics of interest in our list.